Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil - "God's Elixir"
Olive tree
Olive oil is the most used fruit juice drained from a plant. T was used by the Mediterranean people for four thousand years in different kinds of ways, from a payment mean to medical purposes, and during the last twenty years the rest of the world has been discovering it. It is one of the main contains in cosmetics; you can burn it, grease creaky doors with it, wash and clean with it. It is being used for polishing diamonds. Kings, new-born babies and dying persons have been anointed with it for centuries. It is full of vitamin E and does not contain cholesterol. It is excellent for preserving food: fish, cheese, even wine stay for years unspoiled. Until recently, olive oil sounded too exotic to people who are far away from the Mediterranean, it was to them something that is being eaten only in strange ethnic dishes. It was unjustified pronounced as "heavy", and that was mostly because it was of bad quality and often mixed with almost anything, from animal fat to glycerin! But, after during the seventieth a new survey was published, western folks began to discover and appreciate olive oil. The survey showed that the Mediterranean people have the lowest grade of heart diseases among Western population, and this fact they can just give thanks to the free use of olive oil. Olive oil is rich with unsated fat, that are "healthy" fat, and antioxidants, as well, that prevent the congestion of blood veins. So during the eighties the Western people included slowly olive oil into their everyday diet.

The History of Olive tree
The Mediterranean people have considered olive oil as sacred for thousands years. The Old Egyptians believed that the goddess Isis transmitted the knowledge of growing and usage of olives to the people. In the Greek mythology the goddess Athens is mentioned as the one who conveyed this holy plant to the people, after she won in the competition among gods about who would introduce this most appreciated gift to the people. The Bible mentions the olive tree and olive oil on thousands of places, from usage of olive oil as fuel for lamps, anointment, or as a mean of payment. The farmers of the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean naturalized the wild olive tree around the year 4000 B.C., and with the production of olive oil they started two thousand years after that. The Fenitian trades transmitted the olive growing to Greece and Spain, and the Greek brought it to the Italian.

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